About Us

Shree Mahalakshmi Global Academy [SMGA] is an Associate Partners of M/s Suma Agro India Pvt Ltd, who are manufacturers of 100% Organic Soil Nutrient and soil conditioner under the brand names of Humicas/ Humicas Plus, flower valley which has got Patent, Licence, marketing and manufacturing rights from Nyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd [Government of India Undertaking] and National Research Development Corporation Ltd [Government of India Undertaking]. SMGA are committed to supply the Best quality and Most effective of Humicas/ Humicas plus and flower valley which is 100% Organic soil nutrient and conditioner in the form of Pottasium Humate to the market both in India and Globally. SMGA is dedicating to educating and creating awareness among the farming community about Soil management, usage of organic manure, crop production, quality agro products etc. SMGA is also doing Consultancy services in the field of Agriculture, Engineering, Petrochemical, Education, Power sector, Metals and Minerals, Textile, Energy fuels and Project management & Marketing strategy.

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